Dog Food for Thought

CJC engages in a process known as dogfooding, or “eating your own dog food”, occurring when an organisation actually uses its own product. It equates to an additional form of quality control.

A World Class Managed Service. Round the Clock

A world class managed service really does mean every minute, every hour, every day.

The ABC of Cloud Deployment

There are three critical steps to securing a successful cloud deployment.

Inspiration for Artificial Intelligence

It's great to know that the cloud, machine learning and AI techniques can improve our life, as well as the capital markets.

Is Information Really The New Most Valuable Commodity?

From tribal elders to Google, information has perhaps always been the most valued resource.

Simplicity is Genius

There is a time and place for stripping away the technical talk and focusing on actual practical benefits.

Alexa, update my blog !

Alexa for Business clearly demonstrates the positive future for voice and chat bots.

An Instant Message - Over Forty Years In The Making

Real time chat via computers has been around longer than you might think.

Access To The Holy Grail of Financial Data Professionals

The mosaicOA Demo Environment showcases CJC's visualization tool for operational metrics.

SLAs Are Needed To Harness The Power Of The Cloud

There are signs that firms are taking a more realistic standpoint on what it actually means to move to the public cloud.

Access Equinix On-Net Feeds Via The CJC Cloud

Nasdaq recently announced that their US Equity data feeds are now available in London LD4.