optimizing market data in the cloud

CJC’s cloud services embrace the migration, deployment and management of market data in private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

As well as an unrivalled combination of experience and expertise in this space, we offer our Cloud Platform, a private cloud managed service, to help you meet your market data requirements flexibly, reliably, securely and cost effectively. This has a suite of complementary tools, including Cloud Tools to assist the rapid deployment of applications to the cloud and mosaicOA, a SaaS-based, ITOA visualization tool.



Our powerful, SaaS-based IT operations analytics (ITOA) visualization tool brings large data sets together in one place, providing invaluable insight into your market data infrastructure.



Our private cloud facilitates flexible and cost effective market data management, enabling your organisation to focus on core business.



Our Cloud Tools assist the rapid deployment of applications to the cloud.

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The ABC of Cloud Deployment

There are three critical steps to securing a successful cloud deployment. Peter Williams discusses...

November 2018