Inspiration for Artificial Intelligence

It's great to know that the cloud, machine learning and AI techniques can improve our life, as well as the capital markets.

Steve Moreton, Global Head of Product Management, CJC


I’m often heard saying ‘I drink my own champagne’ (or eat my own dog food!).  It’s important to me to actively use any product or solution I develop and manage. To effectively manage a big data platform, you need to be passionate about big data itself, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). As a regular attendee of AI events, I frequently find affirmation and ideas from outside the capital markets. Recently I found inspiration.

I was fortunate to be invited to the Urban Innovation Centre to see the work of CityZen. Project Cityzen is a major Brazil/UK R&D project, led by UK based Inavya Ventures. They are using their AVATR health and MedTech AI to meet the demands of an ageing population in the cities of São Paulo and Campinas City. 

CityZen leverages the power of the AVATR AI to identify and create new sources of data. This integrates with established datasources to create a compelling ‘personal data ecosystem’ - with a goal of improving quality of life for all humans on the planet. After a comprehensive research period, identifying target users, hospital and welfare facility visits, meeting city planners and innovation centres, the team created 50 ‘personas’ of 250 citizens. These personas covered categories of caregivers and peoples’ health, ranging from ‘Robust’ to ‘Frail’ and the various levels in between. The personas were then observed and tracked with their specific interaction with the city and its many facilities, such as hospitals, libraries, parks and public transport.  All this information was compiled into a highly detailed persona, with a technical build phase munging it with many city open data sources, such as maps and events etc. All this data is sorted, modelled, analysed, pattern matched and accessible via a powerful front end. 

One of the key goals of the AVATR AI is to prevent citizens entering the Frail persona. By becoming Frail, that citizen is then fully dependent on the city. The AI helps both the citizens by providing them with knowledge on how best to spend their day, but the city will know where best to place parks and facilities to improve health and quality of life. 

I really enjoyed meeting this project team. Embracing visionary doctors, passionate developers and front-end designers, they really have a life changing product that can benefit us all. 

It was also great to compare notes. CJC’s ITOA tool mosaicOA, looks at an IT infrastructure like a city, with the servers as its citizens. Indeed, we create personas of Windows and Unix Servers, business units and categorise them by age and uptime. We store and sort the data to demonstrate to IT executives and support teams where to place IT resources, and delay servers’ descent to becoming frail. This provides an improved server depreciation and smooth transition to new technology.

Ultimately, people and servers grow old and it’s great to know that the cloud, machine learning and AI techniques can improve both our life and that of the capital markets. Medical institutions and governments the world over are embracing this.

Thanks again to the team at Cityzen for introducing me to their product – check it out!