The Challenges of Exchange and Vendor Policy and Price Changes

Many compliance and policy teams have more than doubled in the last three years.

Michelle Ansell, Managing Director, Commercial Management, CJC


According to Tabb Group’s Dayle Scher, “Financial services risk and compliance managers today are dealing with arguably the most demanding, most complex regulatory requirements in history, made even more complicated by the number of global and business jurisdictions they support.” As if that were not sufficient, my post last month touched on the compliance challenges relating to exchange and vendor policy and price changes – all of which require complex, time consuming and expensive scrutiny simply to understand their scope and impact.

It was around this particular aspect of compliance that I had the pleasure of moderating two lively and informative roundtable discussions with consumer firms, exchanges and vendors at last week’s WFIC 2017 event in Barcelona.

Topics included the perceived lack of transparency on policy and pricing from some data vendors, as well as the apparent disconnect between exchanges and consumer firms on applying non-display usage – with potentially substantial cost ramifications.

There was also considerable discussion around the amount of time and effort required by consumer firms simply to stay abreast of policy and price changes on a day to day basis, with the result that many compliance and policy teams have more than doubled in the last three years.

CJC provide managed services and consultancy that bring clarity, as well as effective processes to these compliance challenges.

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