Alexa, update my blog!

Alexa for Business clearly demonstrates the positive future for voice and chat bots.

Steve Moreton, Senior Technical Director, CJC


Back in September last year I attended a WFIC panel on instant messaging in the capital markets and was subsequently interviewed by Inside Market Data. I wrapped this up in a blog post. One of the key messages I wanted to convey was around the positive future for voice and chat bots – I commented in the post:

“Alexa is now a popular term in many households. Now imagine that power being added to your organisation – in this case, IM is the delivery platform for the query”

Well knock me down with a feather - 41 days later AWS announced Alexa for Business. Granted, the day-one abilities are fairly generic and use cases could be any industry or business in the world, but the scope for what can be done is vast. Indeed, my esteemed CTO, Peter Williams, has much of his house (lights, heating, electrics and home entertainment) automated with Alexa, simply using easily available codes and plugins.

Since my blog post, many companies and contacts have been in touch, telling me of the incredible power voice/chat bots are providing their organisations and start-ups, both in the capital markets and beyond. Naturally, CJC are hard at work at workflow automation and chat/voice bots that increase productivity and importantly, reduce the mean time of tickets, incidents and change.