Access to the Holy Grail of Financial Data Professionals

The mosaicOA Demo Environment showcases CJC's visualization tool for operational metrics.

Carl Kemp, Global Head of Marketing, CJC


Operational metrics are emerging as the Holy Grail of financial data professionals. For financial institutions active in multiple asset classes and across financial centres, execution venues and regulatory regimes, maintaining the data infrastructure to support the increasingly complex trading business is an ongoing headache.

With so many moving parts, market data and transaction messaging systems are prone to system overloads, bottlenecks and other potential pitfalls that can disrupt data flows and – worse still – bring trading to a halt.

Keeping tabs on an IT infrastructure as critical and complex as this is a major challenge. Existing solutions can be expensive and often not fit for purpose, while it’s tough to get management buy-in for the investment required to ensure the smooth-running of trading data systems.

The concept of IT operations analytics (ITOA) has gained traction among financial institutions in the past two years as they strive to gain control over their critical processes. ITOA is the process of applying big data analytics to large volumes of data to produce business insights.

MosaicOA from CJC is a big data visualization service that enables capital markets firms to visualize and analyse any significant data set and as a result, benefit from managing both the risk and opportunity this data can provide.

Use cases include ITOA, where the service processes real-time infrastructure data, such as CPU and memory data, and performance metrics from industry-specific components such as Solace, TREP, BPIPE, and Corvil, in order to deliver a clear view of the health and performance of real-time market data systems.

To demonstrate the functionality and performance of mosaicOA, CJC offer a demo environment from our private platform. This is a secure and sandboxed area available in the public domain. 

The demo environment offers: 

  • The latest version of the mosaicOA front end

  • A variety of servers and specialist technology to search and visualize

    • Hardware

    • Software

    • OS

    • Database

    • Solace

  • 6 months+ historical data

  • The ability to design and create dashboards inside a workbook

  • Support from CJC to assist in sheet creation

 The demo will last 15 days from an agreed date.

 For more detail and to secure a mosaicOA demo environment login, please contact