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Managed services allow firms to focus on what they do best – their core business. They can benefit from services tailored to business needs, delivering an IT infrastructure that meets daily demands and helps prepare for, and execute, digital transformation.

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Adopt CJC’s three-tiered suite of global, multi-technology and specialist IT Managed Services to help manage your data distribution systems more efficiently and cost effectively.

We support thousands of real time data servers for over 500 financial market participant firms in 22 geographical locations.  Our expert Managed Services team operates from London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore – a global footprint that allows us to provide a full 24x7x365 ‘follow-the-sun’ delivery model.

Based on practices recommended by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), our services include a set of Core Service Components, and each supports identified client devices, processes or containers, on-boarded as Managed Components.

Core Service Components

  • Monitoring, Notification and Management
    • Entire infrastructure alert detection, ticket creation, client notification and resolution management
  • Incident management
    • Single point ownership of incidents across all 3rd party providers to resolution
  • Problem management
    • Post incident, root cause investigation and future proofing recommendations
  • Change management
    • Control of all lifecycle changes and upgrades to infrastructure while minimizing disruption to production services
  • Release management
    • Planning and control of infrastructure software upgrade releases
  • Configuration management
    • Maintaining documented audit trails of all configuration changes

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive - SLA backed solutions tailored to your business requirements, from basic monitoring and alerting, to full remote management, enabling you to focus your resources on higher value projects
  • Global - leveraging the expertise and footprint of CJC to deliver a responsive, 24x7 global support operation underpinned by skilled local teams delivering a cohesive, follow-the-sun model
  • Scalable - a modular approach that enables support to be scaled up or down, according to demand
  • Transparent - costs can be broken down into fixed monthly payments rather than large capital expenditures, with discounts offered for multiyear subscriptions