Accelerating your steps to the cloud

Cloud Tools from CJC assist the rapid deployment of applications to the cloud. The system facilitates automation of deployment, monitoring and control processes as part of our suite of managed cloud services.

Built on the principles of Software-Defined Everything

CJC Cloud Tools include:

  • Software defined infrastructure
  • Complex system deployment
  • Configuration management
  • Operational workflows
  • Monitoring and alerting 


By layering on top of industry standards of Containers and Kubernetes, our Cloud Tools take advantage of declarative programming, self-healing, and auto-scaling, making cost-efficient use of resources. Our solution then adds the separation, security controls and auditing expected in the Financial Services industry

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Rapid deployment

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Apply to Beta test

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CJC at the TradingTech Summit

We'd be delighted to discuss your particular challenges around deploying applications to the cloud and how we may be able to help you meet them: