A secure private cloud managed service

Our CJC cloud platform is based outside of the internet, with connectivity via VPLS or cross connect. Every measure is taken to ensure that your data is as secure as on your own network. It effectively removes the need to manage proprietary data centres, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Flexible, secure and managed

The platform's key features embrace: 

  • Server availability in less than 24 hours
  • Full end-to-end incident management
  • Solace VMR availability
  • Global data centre connectivity
  • Targeted alerting and intelligent analytical reporting
  • Availability at close proximity data centre locations offering low latency exchange connectivity
  • Connectivity via cross connect, site to site, or software VPN and leased line
  • Multi-layer security methodology to ensure the protection and safety of the client
  • Rapid deployment virtualised test and development, or Proof Of Concept environments engineered by CJC professionals

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We'd be delighted to discuss your particular challenges around moving to the cloud and how we might be able to meet them: