CJC delivers quality consulting and technical expertise to the following clients:

  • Global investment banks
  • Global investment management companies
  • Global market information providers
  • Global information companies
  • Global brokerage organisations
  • Securities traders
  • Risk management companies
  • International banking networks
  • E-commerce companies
  • European banks
  • Financial services organisations
  • Software developers
  • Asset management companies
  • Wealth management organisations
  • Fund management organisations
  • Market data vendors

Our people have built careers covering most of the major names in the financial markets world.


Senior Manager, Corporate Operations Group

Australian Global Investment Banking and Diversified Financial Services Group

“Great skill sets, reasonable price.”

Senior Executive Client Since 2002

Global IDB

“Overall great company, very professional, good expertise, good staff, good at their job.”

Market Data Manager Client Since 2008

Global IDB

“Level of knowledge is the best money can buy. Great relationships with staff and skill base is infinitely better than anything offered by vendors. CJC have pitched themselves perfectly in the market data sector. The customer service is seamless.”

Denis King Senior VP

Solace Systems

“CJC is uniquely qualified to help capital markets participants employ Solace technology.”

Head of Enterprise Information Client Since 2005

Thomson Reuters

“Proven  expertise in optimizing our existing market data infrastructure together with their track record of consistent execution throughout our longstanding relationship,”